HP Printer Drivers

HP Printer Drivers

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HP Printer Drivers

One of the most well-known and reliable tech manufacturers, HP releases a variety of consumer-oriented devices every year. Furthermore, it has become a brand that meets user expectations with reasonable pricing. Thus, making it a name that many people have complete faith in. You can buy an HP Printer if you’re looking to buy a printing device for your home or place of business. All their printers are top-notch with distinct features. However, the HP printer setup and process of downloading & installing the HP printer drivers are common in most printer devices.

Additionally, HP Printer Drivers are the compatibility key to operating your printer with any device. Furthermore, when the latest printer driver is installed, your system can print any of your documents perfectly. As a result, we strongly advise that you always choose 123.hp.com/setup to install the most recent Hp printer drivers. Don’t worry if you are inexperienced and unable to do so. This page demonstrates how it could be done in a breeze.

Downloading HP Printer Drivers

Downloading the HP printer drivers to enable all printing features and get productive results is vital in completing the HP printer setup. You can visit 123.hp.com/setup to get the correct driver for your printer model. Look at the below procedure for the same:

  • Start your PC up first, then open the secure web browser you typically use for online activity.
  • In the browser’s address box, now type or copy/paste 123.hp.com/setup. After that, press the “Enter” key.
  • As a result, you will arrive at the official HP Printer setup website.
  • There, look up and enter your printer’s name and model number in the proper boxes.
  • The “Download” button needs to be clicked after that. The driver file will then begin downloading to your PC immediately.
  • Wait a while for the download to complete. Your internet speed will determine how quickly or slowly the download proceeds.
  • Save the file lastly in the system’s default downloads directory. You can also save it in a location that is simple to access.

HP printer drivers for Windows 10 installation

The step-by-step guide to installing HP printer drivers on Windows OS is covered in this section. Therefore, adhere to them carefully to complete the HP printer setup.

  • Starting the process by removing the wire from the system. Never reconnect the wire during installation until instructed to do so.
  • You can choose “Drivers and Printers” from the control panel after conducting a Windows search for the option “Devices.”
  • To use the printer, right-click the icon for that model after checking it, then select the “Remove device” tab. Additionally, you can tap on the many printer buttons for the same printer that is displayed on the screen to delete them. Next, close the “Devices and Printers” window and move on to the following action.
  • Next, go to 123.hp.com/setup and then follow the steps by entering the model number of your printer.
  • You can alternatively select “Let’s identify your product to get started,” then click “Printer” and enter the model number of your printer. Click the “submit option” now.
  • Additionally, if you’d like to switch operating systems, click the “change” button and then select your version.
  • If you went to the “Driver” heading and clicked “Download,” it would be easier to have the entire package on hand. You must click the “Basic Drivers” button in order to install drivers, such as HP printer support.
  • Once you receive the on-screen message, click the USB tab again and move on to the next step.
  • Try printing, faxing, or scanning a test page to evaluate how well your printer is working.

You can now examine the steps involved in installing the HP printer driver on a Mac. Let’s now get going.

Installing HP Printer Drivers on your Mac system

This section covers the instruction to install the printer driver on macOS. Thus, adhere to them carefully if you are a Mac user.

  • Select “Apple” from the menu list, then “System preferences.”
  • Depending on the OS you are using, you may see the option “Printer and scanners” or “System and fax” followed by “Print and scan.”
  • Now, carefully check the name of your printer. It should be prominently displayed on the list. If the name is listed, remove the printer and add it back to verify the communication.
  • You can locate the printer’s name when you click on the “+” signs, select the “Add scanner or Printer” option, and then click the printer’s name.
  • Choose the printer’s name from the “Print Using” or “Use” menu.
  • Subsequently, click the “Add” tab to add it to the list of printers. When prompted, select “Download and install” to complete and install the pressure.
  • Dismiss the system preference window after installing the HP printer driver for Mac.
  • Finally, your driver installation is complete; thus, with the HP printer setup, you can now print, fax, or scan from the printer based on your need.

HP Printer Drivers Update

If you already have the latest HP printer drivers installed on your computer, you will receive regular updates to correct bugs and add new features. Never miss the available updates; doing so could result in your printer ceasing to function. Furthermore, the driver must be updated to print from an HP printer smoothly and without difficulty. Following are the instructions to update the printer driver effectively. So let’s take a quick look at the instructions provided:

Do HP Printer Mobile setup via HP Printer ePrint setup

To update your driver in a matter of seconds, follow the below instruction:

  • Restarting your computer should be your first and foremost action. By doing this, you may be sure that all previous updates have been installed properly.
  • After that, click the “Check for updates” tab after pressing the Windows logo key to look for any available updates.
  • The updates will take place automatically if there are any. If not, simply click the “Download” link to start the HP Printer Installation process.
  • You can also modify the Windows Update Settings at this point.

Updating Driver with Device Manager

Adhere to the below directions to get the most recent version of HP Printer Drivers for enriched performance:

  • At the very beginning, press the Windows key and search for the “Device Manager” option. Once you find it, give a single tap to open it on Windows Desktop.
  • Now, choose the printer from the given list.
  • Right-click on the HP Printer icon and select “Update Driver” or “Update Driver Software.”
  • Click “Search” for an automatically updated printer driver.
  • Follow the on-screen prompted instructions to install the updated driver on Windows PC immediately.
  • In the end, please restart your computer system and connect the printer to it appropriately. 
  • Finally, take a test print to ensure the update.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is 123.hp.com/setup?

The default website to rapidly get any HP printer driver for your printer device is 123.hp.com/setup. You can also obtain thorough instructions on how to configure your printing devices. In addition, you can access qualified support and assistance for any issue with your HP printer.

2. What is an HP Printer Driver?

A printer driver is a piece of software that connects each printer to a system and enables it to function. Depending on the model and series number, every HP printer has a different printer driver. By serving as a translator between the two, the printer driver makes it easier for nearly any software and printer to communicate. As a result, your printer could not finish almost any task or order without the proper driver.

3. How can I set up my HP LaserJet 1020 Printer?

The setup procedure is the same for most HP printers. So you won't have any trouble setting one up because you can accomplish it simply by following the setup guidelines for any HP printer. But make sure your setup device has the correct HP printer driver installed. You can also visit 123.hp.com/setup to acquire the proper driver for the printer device. On our page, you may also find setup instructions for HP printers, which will aid you in the process.

4. How do I print wirelessly without a wireless router?

For wireless printing, select the HP Wireless option in the control panel. After that, wirelessly connect your mobile device and input the correct password through the HP Smart app. Furthermore, you pair your system wirelessly with your printer as well.